Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to put windows 6.5 in kaiser


I am writing this blog for people who are not much experienced in FLASHING ROMS and suffs. So here i will give the easy steps in which you can flash your ROM(put new OS) and enjoy windows 6.5 with some more added feautures . :-) :-)

Know what you are going to do!!!
Now you are going to erase the remove the windows 6.1 which is already in your phone and going to put the latest windows 6.5 or 6.5.3 in your phone. So please Backup your contacts using PIM backup tool.

How To Do???

1) make sure that your kaiser has 50% BATTERY.
2)There are many 6.5 roms available in XDA developers site , and each one of them need different HSPL and RADIO versions.

(NOTE:if u r too lazy to download these files i uploaded everything in a file, so better download this
www.4shared. com/file/w35fm3_T/RUU-334-patch-nostuckinSPL-FOR.html)
3)I would prefer you to go for the HSPL 3.34
forum.xda-developers . com/showthread.php?t=498320
In the above link, please Download 3.34 Hard SPL nostuckinSPL Force USB by daveshaw

4)Now download the files jumpspl 156,1.93 and 1.94
forum.xda-developers. com/showthread.php?t=354061
5)Remove your sim card and sd card, copy all three file (jumpspl files) to device memory.
6)run anyone of the jumpspl file, if u get white screen dont panic, reset the device and try another file .
7)You will get a tri color boot screen
8)Unplug and replug the usb cable
9)Deselect "Allow USB connections" in Activesync connection settings
10)Now its time to run the hardspl 3.34 file. but before that you should download KaiserCustomRUU.exe(i included this in my file)
11)Now run KaiserCustomRUU.exe. (which should be in the same folder where the hardspl file is)

www.4shared. com/file/68430807/e83c3948/KAIS_Radio_Only_1701909.html

Download from this link.

->This time no need to run Jumpspl, just connect your phone to computer via active sync
->Again run KaiserCustomRUU.exe in the radio folder(which you will extract using winrar)


->Now download your favourite cooked rom.
Here i give link to a stable cooked rom.:-
Windows 6.5
->http://www. multiupload. com/0KYSY0TGVI
windows 6.5.5
->http://www. 4shared. com/dir/MfPBguyb/WM_65x_Roms.html
If you want to get cooked rom of your choice
->http:// forum.xda-developers. com/forumdisplay.php?f=378

1) now download the file
2)connect your phone to your pc using active sync
4)After that you will get 3 coloured screen, and automatically the rom will be flashed.
5)Perform a hard reset after first boot. :-) :-)